2021 & Covid

Due to covid, we were not able to do a spring 2021 trip either. We are planning on going in the fall of 2021, but we may just ship everything to our US warehouse because of the holiday rush in shipping. We will post any new developments here. And hopefully by spring 2022, we will have this site back up and running like we have done in the past.
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2020 Trip Cancelled


This website will not be updated again until April 2021.

War's End Shop (US) will continue be active and have weekly updates.

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2020 Europe Trip on Hold

Normally, we would be arriving in Germany at the end of April for Ciney. Given the current situation with COVID-19, Ciney has been postponed to June. We will see how the situation goes; we will try to go over in June (although it is looking quite doubtful), but won't know until closer to. We may have to cancel this year's trip all together (or push it back to October Ciney). Hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

Either way, regular War's End Shop will be doing the Friday 6pm updates throughout the summer in place of this website.

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End of the 2019 Trip

Our 2019 trip has come to an end. The Friday 6pm updates are now back on the US website. Thanks to everyone who ordered!
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Shipping Info

ALL SHIPPING INVOIVES WERE SENT OUT JUNE 25th! Please email us if you did not receive it.

We have turned off the "Hold my order option" on the website. If you are adding to existing orders, we will refund overages. 

RELAY: Another RELAY box is on it's way to the States and there is another one in the works. (If you paid before Tuesday, your package is probably in there).

DIRECT TO USA: For orders shipping directly from Germany, once the package gets to the US (or sometimes to Frankfurt Distribution Center), you can track it on USPS.

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Shipping invoices have been emailed out to everyone who selected the "hold my order and bill me for shipping later" option. Please pay the invoice as soon as possible. If you did not receive an invoice, please email me at:

Thank you to everyone who ordered and supported our trip!

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Last Update for the Trip

The update of June 21 will be the last one for the trip. We will start sending out shipping invoices within the next couple days, so please check your inbox. We also lowered some prices on certain items; be sure to look through all the New Items pages!
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First Batch of Relay Orders on Their Way!

The first batch of RELAY orders are on their way to the US. RELAY orders up to #1994 have been shipped back to our warehouse in Ohio. From there, they will be mailed USPS to their destinations. For more info on relay shipping, click here.

Also, we have a very large update planned for Friday, May 31st. Well over 100 items.

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NEW - RELAY SHIPPING for small orders

New this year: RELAY SHIPPING. Deutsche Post eliminated small parcels which makes the cheapest shipping start at $48.99 for up to 5 kg. To help offset this, we are offering "relay shipping." What that means is: we will pack your order here in Germany and send it with other orders (and our things) in one giant 31.5 kg box back to our warehouse in Ohio. It will be unpacked there and shipped to you via USPS. The large heavy box allows us to get a cheaper rate per kilogram and we can pass that savings on to you. The downside to this is, of course, the time delay. This is definitely NOT the fastest way to ship! We will ship whenever we have enough to fill a box (may be days, may be weeks)

Relay shipping is only valid for orders under 2.5 kg, after that point, shipping from Germany becomes cheaper. This is mainly for small orders. Nobody wants to pay $48.99 to ship a tiny item!

We are still keeping the "hold my order and bill me later" option, so you can still build out a big box!
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We are back!

The first (small) update is live! Updates will continue every Friday at 6pm EST until late June. The next updates will be a lot larger than this one. We have already found so much stuff this trip. What has changed since last year, is that Deutsche Post has eliminated small "letter" parcels. That means the 500g and 1kg packages are no longer an option - it must go as a 2kg package. We still have the "hold my order" option. Please review the "How Shipping Works" page for details.
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