NEW - RELAY SHIPPING for small orders

New this year: RELAY SHIPPING. Deutsche Post eliminated small parcels which makes the cheapest shipping start at $48.99 for up to 5 kg. To help offset this, we are offering "relay shipping." What that means is: we will pack your order here in Germany and send it with other orders (and our things) in one giant 31.5 kg box back to our warehouse in Ohio. It will be unpacked there and shipped to you via USPS. The large heavy box allows us to get a cheaper rate per kilogram and we can pass that savings on to you. The downside to this is, of course, the time delay. This is definitely NOT the fastest way to ship! We will ship whenever we have enough to fill a box (may be days, may be weeks)

Relay shipping is only valid for orders under 2.5 kg, after that point, shipping from Germany becomes cheaper. This is mainly for small orders. Nobody wants to pay $48.99 to ship a tiny item!

We are still keeping the "hold my order and bill me later" option, so you can still build out a big box!

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