Schedule / Shipping Info

Our first update for this year will be Friday April 28 at 6:00PM EST. The website will be updated every Friday at 6 until June 23.  

For those who do not have their items held, expect shipping delays from June 2 through June 12, as we will be travelling out of town.

Like last year, we do have the "Hold my order and Bill me for Shipping Later" option so you can buy items throughout the duration and have them sent together in one package to save money. (Or you can pay shipping when you order and have in shipped then if you don't want to wait). Read the "How Shipping Works" page for more details. There is no free shipping from Germany (but the cost is quite reasonable and we try to price items on the website cheaper to help off-set the shipping costs).

If you choose the "Hold my order and Bill me for Shipping Later" option, we will be sending out invoices for shipping the week of June 26-30. Shipping cost from Germany is done by weight and when we send you the invoice, we will let you know what the weight of your package is so you can add a few more items to your cart if you want and it won't change the cost your shipping. (For example, a package weighing 6 kg costs the same to ship as one that weighs 10 kg, so you could add more weight without paying any extra in shipping).

The June 23rd update will be the last big Friday update, but we may add a few extra things on Monday or Tuesday. 

Our regular US-based website will still be active while we are in Germany. A colleague in the US will be shipping any orders placed on that site.

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