Coffee Mug KPM Army Pattern


Ideal reenacting coffee cup. Original period coffee mug that is the same style of coffee mug used by all branches of the military and the Arbeitsdienst. This one is simply marked with the maker KPM. I have observed about 5 different sizes of these mugs if 1 was the smallest and 5 was the largest, this would be a 4. It is larger than most coffee cups of the era but it is not the biggest I have seen. It is in good condition and is nice and clean. A great way to incorporate the hobby into your everyday life. These are great cups, I have several with various markings that I use basically everyday. The handle shapes vary slightly and normally this is relative to the size, larger cups have more rounded bottoms to the handles, and smaller cups tend to have more squared handles.

Weight with packaging: 0.8 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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