About Us

War's End Shop (Kriegsende Militaria) is an American small business (based out of Ohio) that travels to Germany every year from mid-April through early July (possibly in Fall as well). We list items for sale directly from Germany, as we find them in barns, attics, basements, and various markets across Europe. These items ship directly from Germany to you via DHL.
We will update the website every Friday at 6pm EST with newly discovered items. We try to keep prices low while we travel to help fund the trip. Don't be afraid of the shipping costs! DHL shipping from Germany is very economical compared to US shipping.

Why buy from War's End Shop Germany?

  • Reliable - We have been doing this for several years now and we plan on doing it for many more. You can always get in contact with us by email (contact@warsendshop.com).
  • Good packaging - Having been on both ends of international shipments, we know the importance of good packaging. So many sellers shipping internationally don't pack items for the rigors of the journey, which only causes problems for everyone. We use recycled materials to reduce costs and an exorbitant amount of tape so while our packages might not be pretty, your items are safe.
  • Fair prices in USD - We don't price gouge and our site operates in USD so there is no exchange rate or VAT tax to deal with. We put a great deal of time into tracking down good items at good prices. We do the haggling and pass the savings along. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal!
  • No language barrier - English is our first language so there are no garbled translations to deal with. Unless we've been drinking of course, beer is, after all, only ~$0.80 a bottle here!!!
  • Combined shipping service - to save money, you can place orders throughout the duration of our trip and we will hold the items for combined shipping in late June. More details about shipping here. (Of course, we can also ship sooner if you'd prefer.)
  • Be a part of the adventure - Every order helps fuel the trip and find more stuff. We dig through barns, attics, basements, warehouses, etc. We go to flea markets and militaria shows and its all thanks to your order. In short, all income goes back into finding more WWII stuff.

Our normal US-based website is still live and we do have people back in the US shipping orders.