How Shipping Works Mobile

As of June 24, 2019, all shipping invoices have been sent. If you are a new customer, please pay for shipping at checkout.

NEW for 2019 - RELAY SHIPPING read more below...

When it comes to shipping, we have a few options:

Shipping can be calculated and paid when you place an order (keep in mind that we travel a lot, so shipping may be delayed by a week or so)


you can place multiple orders over the duration of our trip as we find and list new items; we will collect your orders together in one box and send you an invoice for combined shipping at the end of our trip in late June. Combined shipping is a great way to save money: just select the "Hold My Order and Bill Me For Shipping Later" option at checkout. Shipping will not be charged on your orders at that time and we will send you a bill in late June 2019 (or earlier, if you request) for the shipping costs (billed in USD) for all of your orders . Please make sure we ( are not on your blocked contact list - our email will contain links and is sometimes mistaken for spam by certain internet providers! If you have items held, you can contact us anytime to have them shipped. If you do not receive an invoice by June 25, please contact us. You will be charged for the items in the order at the time of checkout, even if you choose the "hold my order" option.


The slowest - but cheapest - option for the US. Relay shipping is a slower but more cost effective way to send smaller orders.  With relay shipping, we gather small orders together in one box and when that box is full, we ship it to our shop in Ohio. From there, the smaller orders are then sent regular USPS. It may take a few weeks to fill the main box plus the time it normally take a big box to reach the US but after that it should travel fairly quickly (keep in mind this process can take over a month or more). DHL Germany to Ohio, then USPS to you. Due to changes in the German postal system, there are no longer cheap direct rates. We are doing our best to create a cost effective alternative. If you select RELAY SHIPPING you will receive a USPS tracking number when your order reaches Ohio and enters the U.S. postal system. RELAY SHIPPING is a complete service, there are no extra costs; we have taken all that into consideration. RELAY SHIPPING only applies to smaller packages, weighing 2.25 kg or less, after that the German post is the better option.




 General info:

  • To track packages, use: (For the USA, USPS will take over tracking when it gets there, so you can use their website as well)

  • Shipping is through DHL which, unfortunately, is the cheapest option. German Post has gotten rid of all of their cheap options this year. You may have to sign for the package. (This is only for direct shipping, not relay.We have been shipping from Germany to the US for many years now, and we carefully pack all items to ensure their safe arrival.

  • There is no free shipping option, however, shipping isn't too bad if you end up buying a lot of things or heavy things. For smaller, packages, relay shipping may be more cost-effective. We try to price items a bit cheaper to help off-set the shipping costs.
  • Each item is listed with its weight (including packaging) to help you get the most out of shipping. If you choose to have your orders held for combined shipping, included in the invoice will be weight of your package so you can add a few more items to your cart if you want - as long as you stay under the weight listed in the email - it won't change the cost your shipping. (For example, a package weighing 6 kg costs the same to ship as one that weighs 10 kg, so you could add 4 kg more in weight without paying any extra in shipping).

  • Shipping costs only reflect each individual order. If you place one order and select the option to hold it, then later place another order and pay for shipping, you will still owe shipping for the first order.

  • If you order multiple items, we may pack them inside of each other.

  • When you place multiple orders, please try to use the same email address, street address and name (ie. whether or not you include a middle name or go by a nickname, etc) so it is easier to find you in our system.
  • Make sure your shipping address is correct. If you enter an incorrect address, the package may be lost or sent back to Germany and we might not be here to resend it for you. We will do everything we can to help should a mistake be made, but we will not be able to issue any refund and additional shipping charges will have to be paid by you. If you notice the address is wrong, please contact us ASAP; if you receive the shipping confirmation email, it is already too late to fix.
  • CUSTOMS: American customs will most likely not cause you any problems. I have only ever paid customs fees once when the item's value was declared at $2,500. However, if you choose not to pay your country's fees and refuse a package, we will not be able to send a refund. Please make sure to check your customs duties and be ready to pay that amount to your customs office. We are not responsible for customs charges. 

  • Shipping in spring/summer is much better than fall/winter! Things seem to arrive quicker in spring (that's not to say the still don't take a few weeks) than fall/winter because of the holiday rush. Packages also tend to be treated better in spring. For as many packages as we have shipped, we have had very few problems (and most of the ones we did have were caused by the post getting backed up with Christmas shipments).


  • If you have any questions, please email us at 

  • If you select the "hold my order and bill me for shipping later" option and do not pay for shipping in a timely manner (you will have a little over a week to pay), we reserve the right to cancel your order(s) and charge a 10% restocking fee. (ie. if we cancel your order, you will receive a refund of the purchase price minus the 10% restocking fee). We will send a second (or third) notice in case the first was missed. Please make sure to provide a valid email and phone number so we can contact you. We typically do not call / text unless all email attempts have failed. This situation is a very rare occurrence and has only happened once or twice. To prevent this, please contact us if you do not receive a shipping invoice by June 25 2019. 

We try to keep prices low to help justify the higher costs of international shipping (once we get the items back in the US, prices will need go up slightly to account for shipping and additional time investments).

Thanks for joining us on this adventure!