Artas Military Flashlight


Early Artas military style flashlight. Artas gets a bit of a bad reputation because they did produce a huge number of flashlights after the war but they also produced many before and during the war. It can be hard to find the older ones. This looks like it could be an actual WWII era Artas. It doesn't look like any of the postwar ones I frequently come across and seems to have more in common with WWII flashlights.

It is in good usable condition, although there are some small rust through holes where someone left a battery in it too long. The holes don't effect the integrity of the flash light.  Both leather tabs are present and flexible. They could use a little TLC but they are usable. It has a red, blue, and green lens. All in all, this is a good flashlight.

Weight with packaging: 0.4 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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