D.R.G.M. Large Suitcase


This is an item I can only sell from Germany because it would cost too much to ship it inside the USA. Yes, it actually cost me less to ship it to you from Germany than it would if it was already in the USA!

The suitcase is worn and dirty, but still cool. The latches are D.R.G.M. marked. It is reinforced with actual wood. Yes, suitcases made it to the front it isn't just a barracks item. It is rather large measuring about 75 cm X 45 cm X 25 cm. 

This would make a decent container to ship other items in if you have already order a bunch of stuff. Of course I will be boxing it in a cardboard box also but the suitcase itself is sturdy and would offer god protection for other items. Could make a nice suitcase to carry your kit in.

Weight with packaging: 6.5 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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