DRK Type Reversable Apron


This is a WWII era (could be pre-war or early post war) reversible DRK style apron. The material looks be be cotton or linen. Aprons did vary in many details but one thing that is true of nearly all DRK aprons is that they are reversible (there is one pocket on each side so it can be turned around and used a little longer before washing.

This one is a little odd; there are no buttons, just very long straps for around the neck (usually the shoulder straps button in at the waist but these do not, nor is there any evidence that they ever did). It just appears to have been tied together. It is in decent used condition with some light staining, mostly from being improperly stored. It has a slight vintage smell, but should air out easily.

The main body of the apron (not including the ties or neck loop) measures about 84.5 cm tall by 56 cm wide at the waist and 96.5 cm wide at the bottom.

Weight with packaging: 0.4 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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