FF33 Field Phone Grounding Stake


Original WWII German Feldfernsprecher 33 grounding stakes.  These stakes allow you to run only one line between phones and use the earth as the second line.  This novel concept allows you to maximize the use of your available cable but does allow the enemy to listen in via the ground.  Decent, usable condition with some wear and oxidation.


We spoke with a Wehrmacht veteran at an event that recalled using the stakes and he told us that amongst the signals group, it was common practice to urinate on the grounding stake to better ground it.  The stakes are hollow with a small funnel on top designed to conduct water through the stake and into the ground for just that purpose, though I am sure the designer originally intended water rather than urine to be used.


Weight with packaging: 1.5 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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