German Collapsible Field Bed Unmarked


German made collapsible field bed. It is complete but the buckles for the main straps were cut off. Suitable replacement buckles could be laser cut, formed and reattached but finding a replacement for the cut webbing might be difficult, or a work around would have to be found. I have included pictures of a complete bed I am keeping for my collection that shows what the bed looks like when set up. It is very comfortable. This one has a small mouse hole and does have a mousey odor. Two of the little spring loaded clips that lock the frame together are missing the stud that does the work. One was replaced by a screw and seems to have been done a while ago.

There are no markings on this, but all of the materials and the construction indicate war time production. For one, it uses German gray webbing and uses some pretty unique sizes of webbing so it probably was produced for these cots not something found after the war as surplus and used up. The canvas is the heavy linen stuff used for vehicle covers and magazine pouches. It has the same red line woven in the material as well. 

Weight with packaging: 17 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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