German Optics Tripod Finnish Paint


Original WWII German optics tripod commonly used with the S.F.14z rabbit ears binoculars as well as with many other binoculars and aiming circles etc... This one was painted over by the Finns after the war.

It is in great condition. Everything works. The black knob for fine adjustment on the red portion slips a bit, it is designed to slip, but I think the gears could use a drop of oil and a little working back and forth. They just seem tight after years of non use. Probably some of the grease has hardened up. The top leveling mechanism is very complicated and knobs often break or are missing but this one is all there! Great candidate for restoration. Still has German markings like Los-Fest, Loose-Tight. The maker mark and serial number are a little obscured by the over paint. It measures about 99 cm long.

Weight with packaging: 9.0 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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