German Wooden Shoes Size 28 (Larger Size)


These are German wooden shoes. Shoes of this type are sold as many things, Late war, early post war, KZ lager shoes, worker's shoes... But they actually just seem to be a fairly common sort of shoe that came in several different variations. I know I have seen these advertised in pre-war catalogs but I can't remember what they were advertised for. I want to say they were sold as a sort of beach shoe, but I can't recall. The construction materials and look of this pair are appropriate for the period and could be from 1930-1950. They were never worn and are still bound together by a leather strap nailed into each shoe. The sole is about 28 cm long (~11") and 9.5 cm (~3.75") wide.

Weight with packaging: 1.3 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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