Gewehr Sprenggranate 30 Rifle Grenade Box B


Original wood box for Gewehr Sprenggranate 30 (anti-personnel rifle grenade) rounds. The box would have held 30 grenade rounds, each inside a cardboard tube with a blank attached. The box is in decent usable condition. The lid has some staining and some handwriting that is a little washed out. The box did have a wood worm issue at one time but it looks like they are no longer active. Wood worm is common in German boxes here and a lot of people bake boxes in the oven to kill them off. There are several small holes left by the worms. The rope handle is in usable condition. Good box for reenacting or for your collection.


Weight with packaging: 3.5 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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