Handmade Dark Green Dress and Belt


Vintage 1940s handmade dress and belt.

MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
Bust - 112 cm (~44")
Waist - 106.5 cm (~42")
Hips - 109 cm (~43")
Length - 100.5 cm (~ 39.5")

This dress is made from a wool blend; the material is a little scratchy. It looks like something that was made either very late war or very early postwar when resources were scarce. It seems like it is slightly lopsided. The sleeves are half length. It is made very loose and meant to be cinched in with the belt. The shirt portion and sleeves are lined with blue and white scrap material, possibly from a nightgown and pajamas.

It is in decent condition. It is a bit wrinkly and does have a vintage smell to it. The inside lining is stained a lot - it is just tacked in place, so it could be easily removed.

Weight with packaging: 0.75 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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