Large Repainted Officer Footlocker


Original large steel officers airtight officers foot locker. It has a small dent in one corner. It is missing one of the little swing down steel legs to support the lid when opened and it has been repainted. These are made from galvanized steel and the paint tended to come off easily. The funky green color painted over this is likely original wartime paint done in the field. It is a hideous pea green like color but this was a common color used on bunkers and similar emplacements; it also seems to have some grit in it so it was like painted while they were camouflaging something else. The inside is dirty but would clean up nice. You could either restore this with a factory gray green color or leave it as is.

I love these boxes. They are not well known in the US but they are known to many European dealers and collectors who rarely sell them because they are great for hauling stuff in. Even with shipping from Germany, this original foot locker is still comparable in price or maybe even cheaper than having a wood footlocker size box made. This one is unmarked which is also common for these. I normally only see markings on about 1 in 8 of these.

Weight with packaging: 16 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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