Late War K98 Cleaning Kit Superb Condition


Original, very late war, k98 cleaning kits in great condition. This is one for the collection. The maker codes vary but you will receive one like the one in the photo. It isn't just the tan paint that makes this late war but also the thin coating and design of the spoon and the design of the pull chain. The chain on these kits only has the aluminum beads on the last few inches of the chain. The aluminum beads protected the bore from the chain when cleaning the rifle but by the end, the aluminum was too valuable so they reduced the number of beads to the bare essentials. These are as found. They have been in storage since the end of the war and are basically untouched with just some age and storage wear. 

Weight with packaging: 0.35 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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