NOS Einkaufsnetz Shopping Bags


New old stock WWII era mesh shopping bags. These would have been in virtually every household and used for grocery shopping. Its nice because it can ball up to fit in a pocket and opens up to hold a lot of stuff - just make sure it can't fall out!

The price is for one bag; please select which color you would like from the drop-down menu. The brown and blue net bags are made from rayon soutache and the green one appears to be made from a sort of white yarn and dyed green. Good German home front item. Size is difficult to measure, but they would hold maybe 3 heads of lettuce. These are deadstock and in great condition - they may have a slight musty smell.

The catalog advertisements are all from the 1930s.

Weight with packaging: 0.1 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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