Original German Lock Box w/ Key


I am unsure what this box heavy duty box was for but it was obviously fairly important. My initial thought was that it was a paymasters box but have not had any luck researching it. My second guess would be something related to communications, because of the black paint underneath and the red/orange ink stamps (maybe it held code books). I was unable to find any markings apart from some basically illegible ink stamps inside the lid. It is made from heavy galvanized steel. It was originally painted a black color but was over painted Panzer gray and this looks to me to be original. There are a few small holes drilled into the box. A few on the bottom and and two near the handle. It have no idea what the holes are for but they look well done, maybe even factory. Perhaps they where mounting holes for some internal parts. There was likely stenciling on the lid that would have said what this was for but that has been removed down to the metal. There is also wear around the key hole. This is a great little strong box. and would be a good addition to your collection or display.  The key does work so you can even lock it. 


Weight with packaging: 8.2 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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