Original Melitta 101 Coffee Funnel Cone DRP


Original 1930's Melitta coffee dip filter cone number 101 for 2-4 cups of coffee with one new package of filters. Marked Deutsches Reichspatent. Melitta has been producing coffee filters and these cones since the early 1900's and even today they still make filters for this 101 funnel. If you wanted to, you could clean it up and start making coffee right away with the new filters we are including (package contains 40 filters). This funnel is their Schnell-Filter model with more holes for faster coffee. It measures a little under 7.5 cm tall. I found another one like this, but larger that I am keeping for myself and I look forward to making coffee with it back home the German way. This listing is for the smaller 101 Melitta, the larger one is available here.

The advertisement in the photo is from the November 1940 issue of Frauen Warte.

Weight with packaging: 0.6 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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