Original Small "HJ" Drum


Original small drum. These are typically sold in the US and elsewhere as HJ Hitler Youth drums which is both true and exaggerated. The HJ did use drums like this one and they are documented, but this drum is actually a typical German drum that was produced for many decades prior to WWII, even with this paint scheme. I have seen this style of drum in catalogs even prior to WWI (I have attached a catalog photo from 1915). So, did the HJ use them, yes, was it made specifically for the HJ, no. It is in alright condition with a small hole in the skin and some very slight cracks in the wood rings where the bolts are attached. The inside diameter of the drum is roughly 27 cm. It stands about 29.5 cm tall not including the handle.

Weight with packaging: 1.75 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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