Original Thiel Pocket Watch WORKING White Face


This is a nice working Thiel pocket watch, probably war time or earlier based on the construction. It is a strong running watch and is keeping good time. The case is a little worn and the watch has been well used but nothing really detracting. Thiel made inexpensive, reliable watches for the common man and business boomed in the 1930's/40's. They frequently advertised watches towards soldiers "Im Dienst ohne Uhr?" In service without a watch? You need a Thiel. This pocket watch has a nice face design with the second hand at the 6 position. With the face being white and there being no illumination on the hands or numbers, it was likely intended to appeal more towards civilians but watches like this would still have made their way to all fronts. Good original economical watch for reenacting.

The advertisements are from the 24. Nov 1937 and the 10. Nov 1937 issues of Die Woche.

Weight with packaging: 0.15 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

Note for handling watches:

  • Do not shake a watch! If it seems to be sticking rotate it back and forth a bit as if you were turning a knob off and on; this motion works in the same direction as the movement. 
  • Never fully wind a watch! Wind the watch only until you feel slightly more resistance. If it stops turning you've gone too far. You probably didn't damage it this time, but don't do it again. A better habit is to simply wind it a little bit throughout the day. 
  • Generally speaking as long as a watch still runs, its probably still good. If a watch is a little slow or fast it can probably be adjusted with little effort. A watch maker can do it quickly with a tool timing tool but it can also be done with trial and error. Very often a small adjustment to the +/- leaver inside the watch will make a big difference to the speed. 

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