Original Woven Barracks Bedding Duvet Cover


Original woven, NOT PRINTED, barracks pattern blanket cover. The shades of blue vary a bit. This listing is for a randomly selected one in good condition. I quickly inspected for holes and repairs and did not find anything major or obvious. There may be some smaller holes or possibly a repair I did not notice. Buttons may be missing or similar. These are nice bedding and can be machine washed and hung up to dry. I use an original set at home and I use one while I am in Germany. There isn't enough time to really sort through them here, I didn't not see any markings but I did not have time to really look that closely at each one. The woven linen version of this is getting rather hard to find.

Weight with packaging: 1.3 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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