Period Civilian Bicycle Saddle Bag Set


Period 1930's German civilian fahrrad bicycle saddle bags in decent usable condition. They don't look like they were ever used; they just weren't stored very well. The hard treated paper backboard has curled a bit but does flex back to straight pretty easily. This is the same sort of treated cardboard used to make waterproof fuse boxes and to line many powder boxes. The leather is a little hard and should be treated before use. It could be brought back to life.

It could be used as-is, but I would not be surprised if one of the tabs broke off. If you have a display bike, put this on it and don't play with it too much. It is a nice piece of cycling history. There is a little wear and dirt. The top cargo strap buckles are a little rusty. The holes for the cargo straps are spaced 14.5 cm apart and 14,5 cm apart. These will fit over a rack about 16.5 cm wide. The overall length laid flat is about 70 cm. These are quite rare as they usually got beat up and worn out. This one probably never went on a bike and that is the only reason it survived.

Weight with packaging: 1.5 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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