Period German Folding Stool


WWII era German folding camp stool. If you think this looks like something you've seen before, you're correct! These were produced in Germany before the war and sold as camping items. After the war, everyone copied it and made their own. The Japanese produced quite a few in the 50s-70's. This one appears to be older, maybe war time or very early post war. It is completely unmarked. The color of the material looks military, but that doesn't mean it is. Many pre-war German camping items had a military look. This would be a very practical stool for a soldier and undoubtedly made it to the front.

It is good condition. I did not test it so I won't say how much weight I believe it will hold but it is a rather small stool. It sits about 34 cm high and the seat is about 28 cm X 14 cm.

Weight with packaging: 0.995 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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