Period German Bicycle Saddle Bags


WWII era German bike saddle bag set that fits over the bicycle luggage rack. It will fit over a 19.5 cm wide bike rack. It is missing one of its straps, but is otherwise complete. The style of this is 1930's-50's. These were very popular in the 30's and again very practical in the immediate post war era and were produced the same way the entire time. The style of the leather work was common for civilian items, both before and after the war. I cant say for sure that this is war time but is certainly correct for war time.

The main straps are about 2 cm wide, the holes for the straps are spaced 14.5 cm apart (width ways) and 15.5 cm apart (center to center length ways). Bags are 26 cm across. Great bicycle accessory. It is in good condition with a few small splotches of red paint on one side (nothing too distracting). 

Weight with packaging: 1.6 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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