Period Junghans Alarm Clock


Period, likely pre-war, Junghans alarm clock in good working order. It does wind and keep time but it will likely need a little adjustment. There is a small +/- lever on the back to adjust time. The alarm clock feature also works. You may not have found this on the front line, but these would have been invaluable to many soldiers to keep them on schedule. The overall condition is good but the red paint has worn off. There is a small dead bug in the face of the clock. I am not sure how he got in there or how to get him out. Great item for reenacting. I have a similar one in my own kit. These are also becoming surprisingly hard to find. I passed up probably 200+ broken or postwar, or too expensive clocks before finding this one. It is about 10cm tall.

Weight with packaging: 0.6 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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