Period Kienzle Pocket Watch w/ White Face


Period correct Kienzle pocket watch in good working order. The speed may need adjusted slightly but that is a relatively simple task, just use the +/- feature on the back of the movement and let it run for a while to check it. This style of pocket watch first appeared around the 20's-30's and has become a rather classic look. The movement is probably post war 50's, but the watch is virtually identical to war time and pre-war models. Kienzle is a German watch maker and generally produces inexpensive pieces for the average working person, which made them very popular with soldiers during the war. Great personal item. 

Weight with packaging: 0.15 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

Note for handling watches:

  • Do not shake a watch! If it seems to be sticking rotate it back and forth a bit as if you were turning a knob off and on; this motion works in the same direction as the movement. 
  • Never fully wind a watch! Wind the watch only until you feel slightly more resistance. If it stops turning you've gone too far. You probably didn't damage it this time, but don't do it again. A better habit is to simply wind it a little bit throughout the day. 
  • Generally speaking as long as a watch still runs, its probably still good. If a watch is a little slow or fast it can probably be adjusted with little effort. A watch maker can do it quickly with a tool timing tool but it can also be done with trial and error. Very often a small adjustment to the +/- leaver inside the watch will make a big difference to the speed. 

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