Period Traveling Hygiene Kit


WWII era hygiene kit with Bakelite razor soap holder and brush holder (no brush), Bakelite razor, Bakelite spare razor blade holder, Bakelite soap dish (has a small crack on a corner), mirror, comb, brush and toothbrush holder. The case is made from a vinyl leather look material which first started to be used in the mid 30"s (I have a bright vinyl cover pocket calendar for 1939 in my collection back home).

The zipper on the case is broken but could possibly be fixed. This kit is either war time or very early post war. Some people won't like some of the materials used in the kit, like the cover or the tooth brush holder, but it did exist and was widely used in the 30's and 40's. When closed, the case measures about 23 cm by 13.5 cm and a little over 4 cm thick.

Weight with packaging: 0.750 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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