Pre-war Impex Bike Headlight


This is a 1920's/early 30's Impex brand bicycle or fahrrad headlight with the original mounting bracket. This light is a little rusty but otherwise in nice condition with one or two small dents. Could be restored in an afternoon or two. 

This light can be dated by the size of the light and style of the mounting bracket. It is using the older style bracket that was originally used with candle holder and lantern style lights. This style bracket allowed you to easily remove the light for maintenance, theft prevention, and to use as a lantern. When lights started to go electric and became wired to the generator, this style of bracket was no longer beneficial since the wiring prevented the light from being easily removed anyway. After the war, lights and generators became much smaller. The easiest way to spot a post war bike is the tiny generator and tiny headlight that most people don't bother to change out on their conversions.

Weight with packaging: 0.55 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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