Red Rayon Dress with Lace Designs


Vintage 1930s/1940s red rayon dress with lace designs and matching belt.

MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
Bust - 93 cm (~36.5")
Waist - 76 cm (~30") without belt, 71 cm (~28") with belt*
Hips - 104 cm (~41")
Length - 109 cm (~43")

*The belt just has a snap to hold the end in place, the snap could easily be moved if needed. One of the snaps is already very loose.

This dress has beautiful lace at the neck and at the ends of the sleeves. The buttons down the front are decoration only. The dress has a snap opening on the side and on the lace at the neck. 

It is in good condition overall but with some issues. There is some staining and discoloration / yellowing on the lace. The dress has some very light overall discoloration, especially along the shoulders - although this isn't too distracting. The armpits have very light staining. It has a slight vintage smell to it. There are a few small white smudges and a few loose seams. It is wearable as-is.

Weight with packaging: 0.56 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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