Repro German Flashlight


These are post war German military flashlights with a great look for WWII reenacting. These mimic the look of some of the more expensive Daimon Telko Trio flashlights. It has 2 color filters and a little flip up hood. A perfect reenacting flashlight.

These are new old stock, some are in a little better condition than others so we separated them into two groups Grade A flashlight (nicer) or Grade B flashlight (slight rust inside). Some of these have fake waffen amt stamps on the back some don't. I think the markings are left over from a long time ago when people thought they could stamp them and sell them as real WWII. Sorry, no choice. You may get a marked one, you may not. Some also have a maker and "Made in Germany" embossed on the front, some may not. Every flashlight will have at least 1 bulb some may have a spare.

Weight with packaging: 0.25 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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