Repro Umbral Blendschutzbrille Sunglasses


These are the same sunglasses we have listed on our US website. We brought a few to Germany for our European customers so that they could save on shipping costs and customs hassle. Limited availability on this website - we only brought over a few.

Reproduction German Umbral Blendschutzbrille sunglasses with acetate faux tortoise shell frames and green UV lenses. This is a very stylish pair of sunglasses that really stands out and would be just as good for everyday use as for reenacting. The style of the glasses and the fit is like the original; they are relatively sleek compared with the bulky modern glasses people are used to these days. They not only look the part, but putting them on feels like wearing original period glasses. The extra bend in the ear piece, replicated from the original, gives a superior hold which will keep the glasses in place, no matter which direction you look, while eliminating the pressure you sometimes feel with the earlier wrap around style ear pieces. Inside the arm they are marked "D.R.P. ang." Deutsches Reichs Patent angenommen or the period equivalent of "Patent pending".  

Dimensions: 4 7/8" between the arms, arm length to the hook of the earpiece is 4 1/2". This is the largest size of these glasses made at the time. They originally came in 3 sizes.

This is essentially one of the earliest departures from the old completely round framed type sunglasses. The earliest date I can put with this exact model was 1942, which happens to be the the year of the original sample in our photos. Sunglasses were popular throughout the war and there were several examples that were actually issued to drivers, pilots, machine gunners, flak crews, etc... I do know that this model was issued to pilots, but I also have seen some period advertising that indicates this model was also available for private purchase and could have been worn by any branch.

These are designer quality sunglasses custom made to our specifications. They are copied from an original pair and made exclusively for War's End Shop. The actual suggested retail was several hundred dollars and they do feel like expensive sunglasses. You can really treat yourself without spending designer sunglasses money.


Weight with packaging: 0.15 kg (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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