Repro U.S. G.I. Sunglasses


These are the same sunglasses we have listed on our US website. We brought a few to Germany for our European customers so that they could save on shipping costs and customs hassle. Limited availability on this website - we only brought over a few.


These are a unisex item - great for the average GI soldier or for a WAC. Based off of an original example of issued G.I. sunglasses. There were several various designs issued during the war; we chose the best looking design, to be honest, most of the other army sunglasses designs look completely goofy. These, however, are extremely good looking sunglasses that will really set you apart, whether you are at a reenactment or even just for everyday wear. Wearing these feels like wearing originals - except these have UV protection and are shatter resistant (they meet all the FDA guidelines).


These have a more narrow feel than modern sunglasses because that was how glasses were generally made at that time. After a couple days of wearing these, they will really grow on you. No, people's heads weren't smaller back then, this is how glasses fit and you can really see it in original photos also. There inside edge of the ear piece has small ridges for added grip like the originals. The glasses are marked U.S. WES CO 43 on the inside of the left arm. WES CO stands for War's End Shop.


Dimensions (approximate): 5" across and 4 3/4" between the arms, arm length to the hook of the earpiece is 4".


These are designer quality sunglasses custom made to our specifications. They are copied from an original pair and made exclusively for War's End Shop. The actual suggested retail was several hundred dollars and they do feel like expensive sunglasses. You can really treat yourself without spending designer sunglasses money.


Weight with packaging: 0.15 kg (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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