Spatenbrau München 1 Liter Krug


Period Spatenbrau München 1 liter beer krug with bar tab page . The style of the krug is typical on the 1920's-60's. It is in good, usable condition with minor wear; it really just needs cleaned. The page is blank and would have been used by bars and restaurants to keep track of your drinks etc and essentially act as a receipt / bill at the end of the night.

This is called a "Krug", not a "stein". A stein is a rock. Germans do not refer to krugs as steins. It stands about 18.5 cm tall and the bottom diameter is 10 cm.

We also have extra bar tab / receipts available here.

Weight with packaging: 1.25 kg  (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)


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