Thüringer Burg Glass Beer Mugs


Very early glass beer krugs with metal lids from Thüringer Burg. These are difficult to date, but they are from before WWII, maybe even from before WWI. The glass is wavy and has some air bubbles. Most of the lids are engraved with a number. The number would have been assigned to you. You would have left this mug at the bar in a little cubbyhole or on a peg board or shelf and it would have been your responsibility to clean. It was basically like a club. This was very common early on, even in small local bars.

Price is for one. All mugs are in decent usable condition and really just need cleaned before use. There is one that has a loose lid; it is sold at a reduced price. Each mug will hold about 0.4 L. They are etched with various numbers in the glass; no choice. The lids are all marked O. Lorenz Leipzig. Each measures about 17.5 cm tall. 

Weight with packaging: 1.4 kg (Make the most of DHL shipping, learn more here.)

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